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Bobby Grimes



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Bobby Grimes


Bobby Grimes is the Director of Operations and Development for Hawaii Agriculture, Energy and Earth Products. He has worked as an automotive engineer with General Motors and left traditional engineering to pursue his interests to improve the world through non-traditional paths. 

Bobby has become expert in areas of agriculture and soils and built a consulting practice in Hawaii, has converted his finish carpentry skills to becoming renowned for his work with bamboo as a building product and has been passionate about the re-development and re-birth of the property acquired by Mr. Gottlieb and his partners that is the centerpiece of this core project for most of the past decade.


My Work is a Reflection of Myself





Constructing with Bamboo

 The plant of Bamboo is one of the most useful materials on earth. It can replace many other materials and become a green material science resource that can alleviate many environmental concerns that traditional materials bring to the manufacturing environment. Bamboo is regenerative, it re-grows each time it is harvested and can grow for decades. I am a proponent of bamboo uses, growing plantations and finding new and exciting uses for this incredible resource. The rebirth of bamboo technology is still in its infancy and there are more breakthroughs to come. Textiles, Building Materials, Paper products, Foods, Art, Carbon Sequestration, Bio-Remediation, Charcoal Production and many others.  I grow 10 types of bamboo on my farm in Hawaii and I am excited to be on the edge of this growth.

Teaching- I provide classes, workshops and personal coaching on Thriveability related topics, such as Bamboo Construction, Soil Biology, Compost Tea Brewers, Living off Grid/Solar, Growing your own Orchard, Design and Layout for Project Development, Vitality and Healthy Lifestyle choices and living with Passion and Energy.

Becoming the Bamboo


The Lifestyle 


Aerobically Activated Compost Teas (AACT) 

Living Soils Organics was created in 2008 after many years of working with compost and organic compost teas. We were looking for a way to share our enthusiasm for and knowledge of the amazing results we have witnessed with the use of Aerobically Activated Compost Teas (AACT) and Aerobically Activated Vermicompost Teas (AAVT).

After speaking with many farmers, gardeners, and professionals in this business, I decided the time was now to begin this new venture. This new business would make top quality compost/Vermicompost, and then brew high quality AACT and AAVT as well as offer our clients a full service application program for their lawns, farms, gardens, orchards, greenhouses, pastures and forests.





Bamboo Workshops

Earth and bamboo are two materials which have been used together for a wide range of traditional construction techniques in Southeast Asia. Both materials are locally abundant and affordable materials with a very low carbon footprint. Both are known to be materials of the people. And both are materials which can be used for crude self-construction or with highly engineered precision. Are earth and bamboo only materials of the past, or are they also materials for the construction of a sustainable future?  

“If a man is to shed the light of the sun upon other men, he must first of all have it within himself.” 
― Romain Rolland